Alternative Medicine Associates was first introduced to the Huntsville/Madison area in January 2000. Drs. Debra and Howard Gilliam work together to provide the best in healthcare to their patients. The main goal of Alternative Medicine is to first determine why you are sick, and not just treat your symptoms. Symptoms can be very misleading sometimes, especially when a patient is taking several different drugs that inhibit and change the function of body systems.

Alternative Medicine provides care for a variety of different conditions. A few of the most common are listed here. This is by no means a complete list:

Fibromyalgia and chronic fatiguue
Thyroid problems
Digestive disorders
Female hormone replacement therapy
Circulation problems
Bacterial and viral infections
Treatment before and after bypass surgery
Endocrine system disorders
And many other conditions

Debra V. Gilliam, D.C., NMD

Howard L. Gilliam, D.C., NMD