Bio Oxidative Therapy

What is Bio Oxidative Therapy?

The word oxidation refers to a chemical reaction whereby electrons are transferred from one molecule to another. Oxygen molecules are frequently, but not always involved in these reactions. The molecules that “donate” electrons are said to be oxidized, whereas the molecules that accept electrons are called oxidants. A healthy state of oxidative balance is necessary for optimal function of the body. When the body is exposed to repeated environmental stresses, its oxidative function is weakened. When oxidation is partially blocked by toxicity in the body or pathological (disease causing) organisms, oxidation therapy may help by “jump starting” the body’s oxidative processes and returning them to normal, according to Charles Farr, M.D. of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. When properly administered, oxidation therapy selectively may destroy pathogenic (disease producing) bacteria, viruses, and other invading microbial organisms and deactivates toxic substances without injury to healthy tissues or cells. For example, if bio oxidative therapy is placed on a wound, the normal cells thrive while the pathogens die. For the most optimal results, Oxidation therapy should be given intravenously using pharmaceutical grade bio oxidative therapy.

How Does Bio Oxidative Work?

Oxidative medicine is liquid in which the molecular structure is made up of tow atoms of hydrogen and tow atoms of oxygen. Because it is less stable than water, the medicine readily enters oxidative reactions, ultimately becoming oxygen in water. It was Dr. Farr who first characterized the oxidative effects in humans in 1984. Today, the use of oxidative therapy has spread to over thirty-eight countries. Oxidation administered through pharmaceutical grade oxidative medicine may regulate tissue repair, cellular respiration, growth, immune functions, the energy system, most hormone systems, and the production of cytokines (chemical messengers that are involved in the regulation of almost every system in the body). Oxidation Therapy can also work as a defense system, directly destroying invading bacteria, viruses, yeast, and parasites, according to Dr. Farr.

What Conditions Does it Treat?

Dr. Farr, a medical researcher used oxidative medicine for a variety of health problems, including arthritis, candidiasis, chronic fatigue, depression, lupus, emphysema, multiple sclerosis, vascular headaches, allergies, asthma, lung infections, and acne. Dr. Farr demonstrated rapid recovery from Type A/Shaghai influenza with intravenous oxidative medicine treatments. One third returned for a second treatment and only 10% required a third. Recovery time was half that of a control group treated with conventional methods: antibiotics, decongestants, and analgesics.

Benefits of Using Bio Oxidative Therapy:

– Yeast Removal
– Destroy Bacteria
– Increase Energy
– Better Sleep Patterns
– Tissue Repair
– Better Hormone Balance
– Helps Eliminate Parasites
– Helps Allergies
– Deactivate Toxic Substances
– Increased Cellular Respiration
– Stimulate the Immune System
– Helps Chronic Fatigue

IV Nutrient Therapy is used to treat numerous conditions, disorders, and health challenges in order to optimize health. Call Alternative Medicine Associates at (256) 325-0955 to discuss IV Nutrient Therapy and schedule your appointment.

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